Open positions

  • Field Application Specialist (f/m)

    Job Summary:


    Responsible for providing on-site product installation and training for ophthalmic instruments to clinicians and operators via the phone, in person or through Company website.  Must be knowledgeable about product usage and be able to troubleshoot with users through software and hardware issues.  Assist in the coordination of education and training materials, as well as seminar logistics.


    Essential Duties and Responsibilities:


       Provide on-site installation and training.

       Provide support to doctors and technicians regarding product inquiries and problem-solve as required.

       Ensure that the product application/solution is functioning according to specifications.

       Understand customers’ requirements for their projects and customize training and product specifications to customers’


       Assist in the creation of educational materials, including PowerPoint presentations, and correspondence for distribution

          to doctors, operators, and sales representatives.

       Coordinate educational program activities, including regional and online course, processing registrations, maintaining

          user database and managing course materials.

       Assist in training activities and provide technical support at trade shows and courses when needed.

       Assist with end user questions and problems. Confer with end users to determine types of hardware and software

          required.  Install and maintain hardware and software and will provide orientation on the equipment to the users.

       Perform quality check of hardware and software to ensure quality installation. Calibrate equipment and perform

          computer networking. May repair product parts or replace parts.

       Provide technical application expertise through sales presentations, product demonstrations, installation and

          maintenance of company products.

       Interact with doctors, technicians, sales representatives and distributors.

       Present a professional image in all business matters.

       Work on complex problems in which analysis of situations or data requires an in-depth evaluation of various factors.

          Exercise independent discretion and judgment within broadly defined practices and policies in selecting methods,

          techniques and evaluation criteria for obtaining results.  Determine methods and procedures on new assignments and

          may provide guidance to lower level personnel.

       Perform other duties as required.


    Knowledge/Skills/Abilities Required:


       BA/BS degree in biomedical imaging, photography, or equivalent science/technology area or equivalent prolonged

          learned professional experience in an advanced field or science such as ophthalmic photography, CRA, or OCT-C.

       Master’s degree desirable.

       5-10 years ophthalmic photography experience.

       Previous training experience required.

       Certified Retinal Angiographer (CRA) or OCT-C required.

       Angiography experience required or OCT-C experience required, ICGA experience preferred.

       Knowledge of ophthalmic instruments and diseases.

       Imaging instrumentation experience desirable.

       MS Office operating system, computer hardware, computer configurations, data storage and management, and

          networking knowledge desirable.

       Strong interpersonal skills, and be flexible in a dynamic team environment.

       Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

       Excellent coordination and organizational skills.

       Travel required up to 80%.


  • Technical Support Manager (f/m) – IT (Field Base)

    Job Summary:


    This position is responsible for customer relationship management through the effective use of technical knowledge to perform major on-site service for the repair, upgrade and maintenance of Heidelberg Engineering instruments and software in ophthalmic medical practices. The Technical Support Manager is responsible for maintaining customer satisfaction and the management of customer accounts with respect to IT solutions.


    Essential Duties and Responsibilities:


       Be capable of leading repair, maintenance and installation activities through to complete customer acceptance, both

          technically and administratively.

       Make emergency response technical visits, diagnose and troubleshoot problems, perform preventative maintenance in

          clinical practices, perform technical upgrades and plan and carry out on-site installations.

       Provide telephone and remote technical support to resolve equipment related problems.

       Assess customer situations and make efficient and effective decisions even with limited information. This involves

          solving problems while exhibiting professional judgment and setting correct customer expectations.

       Be responsible for the identification and resolution of customer issues, formulating cost effective service delivery plans

          and then following through to produce the requisite service activity documentation in a timely manner. This will be

          accomplished through appropriate communication with the customer and by involving service, applications support and

          sales management personnel as appropriate.

       Assist in maintaining business growth through customer satisfaction.

       Provide communication and leadership. This will involve interacting with multiple administrative levels at customer sites

          including administrative and clinical personnel.

       Accurately report failure and repair data through company systems and to appropriate personnel.

       Accurately and consistently perform administrative functions including acknowledgement of dispatches, keeping

          appointments, on-time arrival, proper completion of company documentation including repair reports and expense


       Maintain clinical and technical knowledge to stay current with technology and product applications.

       Maintain company supplied tools and equipment and assist in the training of others.


    The above is not an exhaustive list of duties and you will be expected to perform different tasks as necessitated by your

    changing role within the organization and the overall business objectives of the organization.


    Knowledge/Skills/Abilities Required:


       Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or equivalent combination of training and appropriate experience.

       5-7 years experience with high-tech medical equipment, computer hardware and software and networking.

       Experience with digital volt meters, oscilloscopes, laser power meters, optical alignment tools and specialized test


       Knowledge of Microsoft operating systems, computer hardware and software, disk drives, networking, connectivity and

          data management.

       Computer literacy and knowledge of word processing, internet and email business applications.

       Demonstrated proficiency in resolving complex technical problems in medical imaging modality with minimal assistance.

       Excellent communications skills and the ability to interact in a professional and responsive manner with highly

          specialized medical personnel.

       Must be a self-starter, have strong interpersonal skills, and be flexible in a dynamic team environment.

       Demonstrated ability to synthesize information, prioritise efforts, and drive results with a strong

          sense of urgency and decisiveness.


  • Clinical Market Development Manager (f/m)

    Job Summary:


    The Clinical Market Development Manager is responsible for establishment and support of new products and applications in the market including but not limited to the Cataract and Refractive market. The Clinical Market Development Manager identifies market needs and supports the development of new clinical applications of products by working closely with clinicians and researchers. The core goal of this challenging position is the cooperation and collaboration with key opinion leaders to ensure that company products get visibility in the market through presentations and publications.


    Essential Duties and Responsibilities:


       This position establishes and supports new products and applications in opinion-leading reference centers.

       Works with key opinion leaders to ensure that company products get visibility in the market through presentations
       and publications.

       Contributes to the innovative pool of the company by identifying addressable clinical needs.

       Communicates and cooperates on the same level with leading scientists and clinicians.

       Serves as the link between external experts and internal product management as well as clinical research
       management teams.

       Initiates and supervises clinical trials, develops new application areas and validates unique features of products.

       Supports the presentation and publication of research results.

       Works with marketing team to develop collateral material that uses clinical data to substantiate the clinical benefits
       and unique selling points of products.

       Represents the company at scientific conferences as well as expert and consensus group meetings.

       Organizes and moderates scientific symposia, clinical advisory boards and customer focus groups.

       Using well-structured presentations, informs medical professionals and business partners about the latest company
       developments and supports training and sales activities.


    Knowledge/Skills/Abilities Required:


       Degree in science or medicine, MD, PhD or similar work experience

       Experience in the field of biomedical optics and imaging techniques

       Persuasive personality on both a professional and personal level

       Self-driven work ethic

       Self-confident appearance

       Experience in public speaking and moderating public discussion

       Reliable organizational skills

       Above average computer skills


    Physical Demands:


    While performing the duties the employee is:


       constantly required to reach to use computers and other office equipment

       constantly required to view objects at close and distant ranges

       constantly required to communicate with others

       frequently required to sit and stand

       This position functions in an office and technical environment and requires fine manipulation and simple grasping
       in order to utilize the computer and other standard office equipment such as telephone, fax machines, copiers, etc.

       Required occasional lifting and transporting of items weighing up to 30 lbs.

       This position may require constant travel to meetings and tradeshows.

       Equipment typically used: Computers, Heidelberg devices, USB devices, MO disks/drives.


    Note: For the purpose of this summary, occasionally is used to represent up to 1/3 of the time given

    to the work day, frequently represents 1/3 to 2/3 of the time and constantly represents 2/3 or more

    of the time.


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Heidelberg Engineering is a high-tech imaging solutions company which designs, manufactures, and distributes diagnostic instruments for eye care professionals. The company’s products are used around the world by ophthalmologists and optometrists to scan patients’ eyes for signs of disease and to assist in the management of patients found to have disease. Early recognition of disease helps to delay and prevent the most common causes of blindness.


Typical diseases which can be recognized and tracked with Heidelberg Engineering’s technology include glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and macular edema.


The company’s core technologies include confocal microscopy, scanning lasers and optics, optical coherence tomography, software image analysis and IT solutions for image management.


Heidelberg Engineering is a privately held company, headquartered in Heidelberg, Germany. The company distributes its products through a network of wholly owned subsidiaries and distribution partners in most countries of the world.

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