The Company

Heidelberg Engineering is a high-tech imaging solutions company which designs, manufactures, and distributes diagnostic instruments for eye care professionals. The company’s products are used around the world by ophthalmologists and optometrists to scan patients’ eyes for signs of disease and to assist in the management of patients found to have disease. Early recognition of disease helps to delay and prevent the most common causes of blindness.

Typical diseases which can be recognized and tracked with Heidelberg Engineering’s technology include glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and macular edema.

The company’s core technologies include confocal microscopy, scanning lasers and optics, optical coherence tomography, software image analysis and IT solutions for image management.

Heidelberg Engineering Ltd. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Heidelberg Engineering GmbH responsible for customer care in the UK, Republic of Ireland and the Nordic countries, including Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark.


The Products

Heidelberg Engineering’s diagnostic imaging devices are used around the world for scanning patients’ eyes and tracking eye diseases. Our devices have been part of the industry standard for research and clinical diagnostics for over 25 years. Using innovative IT solutions, we are setting a new standard in integrated data management solutions for clinics and practices, allowing for centralized management of patient data, diagnostic images, and clinical results.

As a global leader in ophthalmic diagnostic imaging, we strive to be highly innovative in order to provide products and services of only the highest quality. Our product portfolio is a reflection of our close collaboration with leading research companies worldwide who use our products to improve and advance ophthalmic diagnosis.


What drives us


What drives us

Heidelberg Engineering consistently develops visionary diagnostic solutions that are clinically proven and relevant for both ophthalmology and optometry. Our UK mission is to work together as a team to support eye care professionals by raising the standard of diagnostic imaging education on every level and by providing upgradeable, multi-modal imaging solutions that increase efficiency and improve patient care, whilst developing ourselves individually.


We are committed to supporting users to realise the full potential of our products. We offer high-quality educational workshops and seminars that provide the comprehensive knowledge necessary to fully utilize Heidelberg Engineering instruments in clinical practice, both in acute care and in a community setting. Our Academy provides over 30 educational events at our training facility in Hemel Hempstead annually, as well as regular educational peer discussion roadshows and OCT Live events at local and national exhibitions. We also offer comprehensive onsite training, webinars, educational videos and an online certification programme. We educate our team to the same high standards.

Patient Care

Improving patient care is at the heart of everything we do and is most certainly what drives us most. 50% of all sight loss could be avoided with early detection of disease and treatment at the right time. We are fortunate to deliver solutions that allow clinicians to see the smallest change, and that changes everything.

Safe Investment

All Heidelberg Engineering products are designed to be modular and upgradeable to future proof the investment and safeguard patient data for following disease progression over time. As the company expands its portfolio this philosophy will extend to IT solutions, as well as our Cataract and Refractive Imaging platform*.
*Under development and not for sale yet.

Working together and developing ourselves

Our success in the UK is a combination of a strong team effort, as well as outstanding individual accomplishments. We encourage each other to reach our full potential and empower each team member to improve customer care. Ownership is key, requiring a personal commitment to developing ourselves continually.

Operate as though it’s your business.
Walk in the customer’s shoes.
Never say “NO.” There are a dozen positive alternatives.
Empowerment is vital.
Resolution. Stick with the issue until it is resolved.
Send confirmation of the resolution.
Happiness is key. Happy people love to help.
Integrity. This is non-negotiable. Do what is right ALL the time.
Personal commitment.